About 21st Century The Prestigious Award

THE PRESTIGIOUS BRAND AWARDS ® also know as THE INTERNATIONAL PRESTIGE BRAND AWARD (IPBA) currently,was called the “Nobel Prize of the Global Economic Industry” by the China Central Television (CCTV) in 2015. Organised by the Asian Excellence Entrepreneurs Federation (AEEF), and co-organised by HWT Group, it constitutes the most influential and professional global brand contest, designed to reward the development of excellent brands across the world, as well as providing governments and consumers with a standard identification of brand excellence. As to date, the awards has been given to over 1000 brands in 43 countries, and remains the most recognized and respected brand awards in society and among consumers.

About Asia Honesty Award

Asia Honesty Award celebrated annually in December, recognizes outstanding businesses, organizations, and individuals. The vision of Asia Honesty Award is to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. Launched in 2013, this Recognition Award is the Asia’s Leading by invitation only brand promotional platform. The aim of the “Asia Honesty Award” is to raise the awareness of intergrity and promote the discipline of honesty, as well as to celebrate the success of leading international and local brands.