Website VS Facebook

Both are equally important. Many are wondering on whether to have a website or just having a Facebook account will be enough, but we have to understand that both of them do have their own purpose. No matter how many fans or friends you have in your Facebook, having a professional and trustable website is a must. Facebook is incredible in social networking, but it is unable perform all the tasks that a website can do especially when it comes to a complex situation. Facebook has a section for users to input their website allowing their visitors to click and direct them to their website. We see many websites will also include a Facebook button in their footer section or anywhere they want their visitors to see, in order to keep in touch with them easily.

Since Facebook is free to use, the competition will be huge. If you work really hard on posting and sharing good posts, you might build great brand awareness in Facebook. As for a website to gain more attention online, people usually advertise on Google and pushing their ranking to page one with the relevant keywords. Google is popular in bringing quality enquiries which you will be able to turn them into sales much easier. Most people are still using Google to search what they need these days, and your website content will help you very much in reaching them. The most important thing is the full control of your property. If Facebook decides to blacklist your business page or personal page, your effort will all be gone, but for a website, you will have no worries about it. You can build your website and showing all content how you want them to be, but in Facebook, you will have limited access to it. In conclusion, both of them are very important for a business owner that should not be ignored.