I Am Generating Good Money From Other Platforms, Why Do I Still Need A Website?

Besides earning profit 24/7 online for having your own E-commerce website, it is to keep a copy of all products listing and customer database for your own convenience too. Having your own e-commerce website is to have a full control over your business online including personalizing your shop as you wish, providing consumers with unique shopping experience, but in most cases, the cost could be high. The benefit of having your products listed on a marketplace is profitable due to the huge amount of traffics in the website, but the competition is also high at the same time. Although it requires near to no cost by listing your products on a marketplace, but the personalization is limited, and you will not have a total control over the system. Since both are equally empowering as overwhelming, you might come across with some ecommerce websites that have the functions of sending products from their own websites to some marketplaces.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, and the most important thing is about your personal goal, time to launch, and overall costs.